Motions for Amendments to the Proposed Draft Development Plan 2011 – 2017

In the name of Councillor Cieran Perry

Reference is made to the development plan placing an emphasis on institutional lands being used as future development sites. Please insert a statement that all developments within these sites “will be subject to planning controls agreed by the city council and that all sites will contain a community gain clause”. These guidelines are not contained within the draft document.

SCO4: omit the wording “ significant long term” from the section. Include the following text within this section “ Dublin City Council will implement the Derelict Sites Act to its full legal force to speed up the redevelopment of these sites for the betterment of our city.”

SC8 change text to read “ …..sustainable densities of development which must include the protection of surrounding residents and communities”

SC11 add in above addendum “ These sustainable densities will include due consideration for the protection of surrounding residents, households and community.”

Delete paragraph 6 of this section because the implication is that heights of up to 8 storeys are standard within the city and that it is DCC policy to retain this height. This is factually incorrect. It is an incorrect representation of the prevailing height within Dublin.

SC15: delete reference to “ and medium rise” as Dublin is predominantly a low rise city.

SC17: Delete the reference to “Strategic Masterplans” as the Chairperson of An Bord Pleanala in his annual report made reference to the legal status of LAP’s and dismissed the use of other non-statutory plans.

SIO23: Add “To implement a 20kph speed limit 200metres either side of a school entrance”

In reference to noise pollution, add in the following as a policy
‘Dublin City Council will provide greater resources to increase the success of the Environmental Health Unit by providing a 24 hour, 7 day a week service.”



With reference to Figure 13 under the Culture section, I wish to draw your attention to the obvious deficit of cultural sites on the north side of the city. I can only assume that the failure to recognise the significance of the GPO, O’Connell Street and many other historical and cultural sites is a reflection on the poor quality of work put into this section. The inclusion of Temple Bar as a cultural centre reflects upon the shallow vision of the City management. It is essential that the poor quality of this section is rectified and that the importance of Dublin as a genuine cultural centre is recognised.

It is with the above in mind that I suggest that Dublin City Council select a chosen day to be designated “Dublin Day” and that everything that we cherish and celebrate about our Capital city be recognised. A day which celebrates everything that is positive about our people, our communities, our history, our arts and everything else that makes Dublin a wonderful place. This event will promote Dublin on an international level using the talents of our people and communities.


Chapter 8


HR10: delete all references within the draft plan to “Creative Dublin Alliance” as the composition and purpose of this body is unknown.

Chapter 9

RE 24: omit the words “ private” due to the failure of the PPP system in previous schemes.

RE 28: include the word “all” before “other major visitor attractions” so as not to be accused of the promotion of selected venues.

Chapter 11

QH11: delete draft paragraph and replace with “Dublin City Council will enforce and promote housing standards in line with existing Government policy”.

QH 14: add in the following text “ subject to the proposed bill not being passed, Dublin City Council commit themselves to formulating a policy on property management within the two year review period of the Development plan.

QH19: omit the words “ unless there are exceptional design reasons for doing otherwise”

QH25: change the text from “20% of land rezoned” to “20% of units built”. Replace the words “ shall be made available” with “will be used”.

QH29: omit the figure “500 metre radius” and replace with “1000 metre radius” ( 1 Km)


Chapter 12

NC7: Replace “To promote” with “To promote and provide”
NC8: Replace “To continue to liaise with other” with “To continue to liaise and support”

NC14: Replace proposed text with “To promote, provide and protect the further development of community facilities throughoutthe city”

NC03: add in the following text “ providing that the data is up to date”.

Section 13.1

Paragraph 4 : omit reference to selective fora and only retain opening line regarding existing networks and fora.


Chapter 15. Zoning.

In line with the established Dublin City Council policy of preventing over concentration of hostels within areas I want this prevention to include the following classifications of businesses. I wish this to apply to all zonings.
Off licenses
Part off licenses

Section 15.10.14

Zoning Z15

Delete the following Uses for Consideration : “Hotel” and “Residential.”
Point (a) Replace “25% of the site” with “50% of the site”

Section 16.4.1
Delete reference to “Local Action Plan” and “Masterplan” due to their non statutory nature as referenced in the Annual Report of An Bord Pleanala chairperson.

Chapter 17

Delete paragraph 4 because of the implications of such a vague paragraph.

Section 17.6
Omit the following sentence containing
: …Dublin as a low to medium rise city” and replace with “ Dublin as a low rise city”

Section 17.9.1
Ceiling Heights
Delete reference to ceiling height “2.5 m” and replace with “2.7 m” as per guidelines contained within the Dublin City Council 2Successful Apartment Living” document


Public Open Spaces: B1

Reference is made to consideration being given to acceptance of financial contributions in lieu of provision of public open spaces (paragraph 6) by developers. I propose that any decision on this issue is “ subject to the agreed approval of local councillors” and that it should be a reserved function of the Local Area Committee elected representatives.

Section 17.40.13
Residential car parking in apartments

Delete paragraph 3 and the proposed opt out clauses. Car parking is a major concern and this section is open to exploitation.

Housing Strategy

Section 4 – Special Considerations

Social Housing Leasing
In relation to the provision of new capital to lease vacant property, it is essential that we delete all reference to “helping absorb some of the oversupply in the market.” It is not the role of Dublin City Council to facilitate commercial developers who have overestimated the housing market. Dublin City Council should not become paying tenants of discredited developers

Section 5: Policy Objectives

Social & Private Housing.

Delete this section and replace with up to date social & economic figures post Budget with a focus on the provision of Social Housing.

Appendix 16: Guidelines on Telecommunications Antennae

Add the following: “it is the policy of Dublin City Council that all Telecommunications Antennae within 500m of each other shall be located on the one shared mast and all international standards of health & safety must be reviewed, certified and updated on a bi-annual period.”

Appendix 25: Outdoor advertising Structures

Add in to Zone 1. add to text “outdoor advertisement is prohibited including “all temporary signage”. Prohibition on all temporary signage/advertising within all ACA zones must be City Council policy.