Motions in the name of Councillor Cieran Perry


This Council agrees that section 17.6.2 (definition of a high rise building) be amended as follows:

Low Rise: Up to 16 M
Mid Rise: From 16 M to 32M
High Rise: Over 33 M


All proposed new Low Rise buildings (up to 16M) but two residential storeys or more higher than the prevailing height in the vicinity shall be accompanied by an Urban Design Statement outlining:

• The context indicating a site and area analysis
• The design principles which have been applied to the site and how these will be translated to the development in terms of layout, density, scale, landscape, visual appearance and impact on amenities, including sunlight.
• Drawings, prospectus and photomontages to demonstrate how the approach has been applied on the site


This Council agrees to amend the Density Standards chart at 17.3 of the draft Development plan be amended to state:

“Dublin City Council accepts the standards set out in the DoEHLG guidelines on Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas which clearly states ‘ minimum net densities of 50 dwellings per hectare, subject to appropriate design and amenity standards, should be applied within public transport corridors with the highest densities being located at rail stations/bus stops and decreasing with distance from such nodes”


This Council agrees to omit the word ‘Residential’ from the Z15 zoning objectives, under both permissible uses and open for consideration uses.


This Council agrees that the plot ratio standards for the following zoning designations be amended in the draft Development Plan as follows:

Zones Z1 and Z2 (Outer City) Indicative Plot Ratio 0.25-1.0:1
Zones Z1 and Z2 (Inner City) Indicative Plot Ratio 0.5-1.50:1
Zone Z3 Indicative Plot Ratio 1.0 -1.5:1
Zone 4 Indicative Plot Ratio 1.0 -2.0:1
Zone 5 Indicative Plot Ratio 2.5-3.0:1
Zone Z6 Indicative Plot Ratio (Outer City) 1.0 -1.5:1
Zone Z6 Indicative Plot Ratio (Inner City) 1.5 -2.0:1
Zone Z7 Indicative Plot Ratio 1.0 -3.0:1
Zone Z8 Indicative Plot Ratio 1.0 – 1.5:1
Zone 10 Indicative Plot Ratio 1.0 -2.0:1
Zone 12 Indicative Plot Ratio 0.25-1.0:1
Zone 14 Indicative Plot Ratio 1.0- 2.0:1
Zone Z15 Indicative Plot Ratio 0.25-1.0:1



Resolution to remove Castleforbes Road, Dublin 1 from Dublin City Development Plan 2011- 2017 - Appendix 12

Due to the current advanced state of disrepair of Castleforbes Road and to prevent its further deterioration, this Council agrees that Castleforbes Road be removed from Appendix 12 of the Dublin City Development Plan 2011 - 2017 to permit resurfacing works to be undertaken to a modern standard.



This Council agrees that the Dublin City Development Plan must lend support to the aims and terms of the new Dublin City Council Anti-Social Behaviour plan, especially section 6 (– preventing and reducing anti-social behaviour-) by incorporating a compulsory policy of “Designing Out Crime” for all residential developments over 8 units and all commercial/office developments over 5,000 sqM. Section 9 of the new ABS plan aspires to this aim in regeneration projects but in the interest of community harmony, all new developments (as above) must have this compulsory aspect.

“The planning and design of places, spaces and buildings can assist in reducing crime by the application of improvements to lighting, fencing, landscaping and surveillance of the area from buildings and land use. Peoples’ behaviour, particularly in terms of the possibility of offending, as well as an individual’s perception about their safety, can be influenced by the design of that environment. Good design can reduce opportunities for offending and improve feelings of safety”. – Designing Out Crime Planning Guidelines.



This Council agrees that all future development within the Navan Road Community Council area be designated as low rise for the purpose of the development plan, including the lands at Pelletstown and all those areas within 1km of the mainline train stations and instructs our councillors to ensure this amendment is made to the Draft Plan.



Protection Of The Phoenix Park

This council resolves to include the following objective in the Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017:

It is an objective of Dublin City Council to initiate the preparation of a Special Amenity Area Order for the Phoenix Park.



– That policy SC07 be amended to read -

The provisions of the adopted Phibsborough / Mountjoy Local Area Plan (and the Liberties Local Area Plan) are incorporated into this Development Plan. The policies and objectives contained therein are therefore considered to be of equal importance to the policies and objectives of the Development Plan. In considering applications for permission the policies in the Local Area Plans including matters relating to height, density and site specific requirements shall be the relevant considerations. The general policies articulated in this Development Plan including matters related to building heights and densities and policies outlined for Key Developing Areas shall not take precedence over the policies in the Local Area Plans in the event that conflict arises.


– That section 16.4.2 be amended to include the following in section 6 page 192 –
(fourth bullet point)

“to provide a range of low and mid rise buildings strictly in accordance with the detailed provisions of the Local Area Plan”


– That an additional statement be included in section 17.6.2 similar to the provisions contained for the Liberties LAP, as follows

“that DCC agrees to incorporate the existing Phibsborough / Mountjoy Local Area Plan into the Draft City Development Plan 2011-2017 and that it supersedes any relevant section of the Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017 and that applications for permission have full regard to this Local Area Plan”


– That the draft plan be amended to include designate the Royal Canal as a Landscape Conservation Area.


– To include a policy regarding BXD / Broombridge –

“that DCC will promote the development of LUAS BXD in the vicinity of the Royal Canal and Broombridge in a manner which befits its heritage and amenity value and will actively promote and encourage the maintenance of properties in the ownership of the RPA, Iarnrod Eireann and others. Use will be made of the Derelict Sites Act, including compulsory purchase where necessary”



– That all areas identified in the Phibsborough Mountjoy Local Area Plan as being suitable as Architectural Conservation Area be designated as Architectural Conservation Areas and that the boundaries therein be repeated in the development plan.


– That all structures identified in the Phibsborough Mountjoy Local Area Plan as protected structures be confirmed in the development plan as protected structures.



That Map J be amended to omit the station at Liffey Junction, which is no longer proposed by the RPA, and include the proposed station at Cross Guns Bridge / Prospect Road which was provided for under the PMLAP.



Pending the completion of a public realm improvement programme the Phibsborough Road between Broadstone and Harte’s Corner will not be included in Zone 3 of the advertising strategy and is removed from Figure 22.



That policy GC033 be amended to include the extension of Mount Bernard Park and the immediate provision of a major playground at Mt Bernard Park as a specific objective.


That the boundary of key developing areas be defined and not include large areas of individual dwellinghouses.



“The council resolves that the Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2011 – 2017 be amended to change the proposed zoning of the Hendron site, Upper Dominic Street, Dublin 7, from Z10A (To consolidate and facilitate the development of inner city and inner suburban sites for mixed-use development of which office, retail and residential would be the predominant uses.) to Z3 (To provide for and improve neighbourhood facilities.)”


This Council agrees that Part 3.3.1 of the Plan entitled “Area Specific Plans” be amended to provide that, in accordance with Section 2.6 of the DoEHLG planning guidelines for the Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas which states-
"…where it is indicated in a development plan that a LAP is to be prepared, an indicative timeframe for its completion should be set out…",
the Pelletstown Local Area Plan will be completed by 31 December 2011.



This Council agrees that the key development principles for Pelletstown contained in Part 16.4.2 of the Plan be amended to read as follows-
• No further mid-rise buildings be constructed in Pelletstown as adequate community, social, recreational and amenity facilities are not provided in the area.
• It is considered that mid-rise buildings are no longer appropriate for cost, environmental, social cohesion and community reasons, and the railway corridor serving the area is already at or beyond congestion point.



This Council agrees that Part 17.6.1 of the Plan entitled “Areas Identified as Appropriate for High Buildings” be amended to delete the reference to Pelletstown in the list entitled “Areas with Potential for up to 50m”.



This Council agrees that the list of principles for SDRA 3 Pelletstown contained in Part 16.3.1 entitled “Strategic Development and Regeneration Areas” be replaced with the following-
1. To provide for a sustainable living environment, prioritising public transport and mixed use.
2. To achieve a density of development that can be met by the public transport, social, educational, recreational and community infrastructure available in the immediate area.
3. To ensure that buildings in the area are such that do not facilitate social isolation, detachment or militate against opportunities for regular engagement with neighbours.
4. To ensure social and public amenities and spaces do not facilitate anti-social behaviour.
5. To ensure that development is provided in a context that does not overwhelm the surrounding areas and residents.
6. To develop a coherent spatial structure, based on a hierarchy of linked streets and public spaces, and design in keeping with the natural and other adjacent amenity areas of the Phoenix Park, Royal Canal and Tolka Valley.
7. The main components of this spatial structure are:
Two high quality village centres, one to the east and west respectively, as the focus for mixed use development and community activities.
A tree lined canal side boulevard linking the two village centres and providing the potential for developing a range of different experiences, including recreation uses.
A central park to provide the setting for leisure uses and community activities.
North/south linkages facilitating good access to public transport and to the amenity of the Tolka Valley.
8. To promote the creation of a high quality public domain by establishing a high standard of design in architecture and landscape architecture.



This Council agrees that the reference to Public Transport Catchments in Part 17.3 (p.201) be amended from-
“Distances of 1 kilometre from existing or proposed mainline, DART and Metro Stations define public transport catchments.”
to read-
“Distances of 0.5 kilometre from existing or proposed mainline, DART and Metro Stations define public transport catchments.



This Council agrees that the reference in Key District Centres and Key Developing Areas in Part 17.3 (p.201) to “minimum densities of 75 units per hectare will be required” be amended to read “minimum densities of 50 units per hectare will be required”.



This Council agrees that Part entitled “Approach to Taller Buildings” be amended to delete the reference to Pelletstown in the following sentence (p. 33)-
“Taller buildings are acceptable at major public transport hubs, or in the main Key Developing Areas such as parts of the Docklands, or in the Outer City in locations such as Pelletstown and Ballymun, where a limited number of mid-rise buildings will help provide a new urban identity.”



This Council agrees that policy RD17 (p. 125) in Part 10.5.4 entitled “The Wider City” be amended to read as follows-
“To ensure adequate and appropriate retail provision in the emerging or Key Developing Areas such as such Cherryorchard / Parkwest, North Fringe, Pelletstown and the Docklands.”


This Council agrees that the relevant parts of the Plan should have regard to the imminent legislation in relation to multi-unit developments, including the Multi-Unit Developments Bill 2009.



“That Appendix 25 be deleted from the Draft Development Plan, and that The Outdoor Advertising Strategy is reconsidered with the same rigour and process as that for a Local Area Plan and The Outdoor Advertising Strategy is to be re-submitted for adoption as a Variation to the Development Plan 2011-2017 in order to give appropriate consideration to the potential damage to Dublin City’s character as a result of inappropriate advertising and the appropriate controls on all advertising media. The existing Development Plan policies and controls in relation to advertising to be re-inserted, including any wording changes or improvements as a result of the preparation of the plan”.



That this Council agrees to the inclusion of the following wording in the Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017:

“It is the policy of Dublin City Council to have regard to ‘Defining Dublin’s Historic Core’, a Report by Dublin Civic Trust and Dublin City Business Association, in considering future plans or development proposals for the historic core of the city.”



That the Dublin City Council Development Plan should state that any residential development over 4 units or any commercial/office development over 1,000 Metre sq. must incorporate a rain harvesting/water retention facility.



That the Dublin City Development Plan should state that it is the intention of Dublin City Council to establish a mechanism whereby local Communities can access parts of undeveloped & unfinished sites, on short term leases, for the purpose of establishing Community Gardens and as a method of removing the unsightly nature of these sites..


That this Council agrees to the inclusion of the following wording in the Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017:

“With the recent history of unstructured development within the East Wall area it is the intention of Dublin City Council to introduce a Local Area Plan with an indicative timeframe for its completion. The reason for this is stated in the DoEHLG Sustainable Residential Development in Urban Areas guidelines “where substantial areas of brownfield sites are going to be (re)developed, it is recommended that a local area plan (LAP) be prepared to facilitate the sustainable development of the area and to avoid it being developed in a piecemeal and incoherent fashion over a long period of time”.


With regard to the Dominican Convent lands, Cabra (map E, ref No. 2), We call upon Dublin City Councillors to reject the Managers recommendations with regard to the proposed rezoning on the section of land fronting onto Abbey Drive to Z1. We do not wish to lose these institutional lands to residential development and we are concerned about the implications any future residential development would have upon existing householders as well as any additional traffic likely to be generated by development of the convent lands accessing the residential roads of the Riverstown Abbey estate or seeking to exit onto the Navan Road via Abbey Drive, Ashington Avenue and Kinvara Avenue which is already heavily congested at peak hours.


With regard to the Dominican Convent lands, Cabra (map E), we call upon Dublin City Council to rezone all lands within this site as Z15 – Community & Institutional Resource.


Specific Objective in relation to lands zoned Z15 in Map B bordering Griffith Avenue, Eustace Family lands at Hillside Farm/Elmhurst Convalescent Home/Hampstead Hospital,The Rise and Courtlands Estate, Drumcondra, Dublin 9, site of proposed Metro North station.
“In order to protect and preserve residential and environmental amenities, any development adjacent to and adjoining residential lands not be greater than the prevailing height of the surrounding existing residential developments. In the event of development on this site zoned Z15, a Masterplan shall be prepared and agreed with Dublin City Council and local Residents’Associations. Any development on the site shall expressly prohibit overshadowing or overlooking of adjoining residential properties. Access to any development shall not pass through any existing residential development areas. All mature trees, hedgerows, planting, wildlife habitats, nature corridors, particularly those bordering adjoining lands shall be protected and preserved”.



St. Laurence O’Toole Diocesan Trust has requested that Corpus Christi parochial house and grounds on Homefarm Road, Dublin 9 Map B be rezoned from Z15 to Z1. This site is adjacent to Corpus Christi Girls Primary School and the RPA has proposed to run the Metro North line underneath these grounds. Griffith Avenue and District Residents Association strongly opposes this request to rezone the site to Z1.



That this Council agrees to support the rezoning of the lands to the north-west of Mount Bernard Park in Phibsboro between the park and the Royal Canal from Z1 {residential} to Z9 {amenity}, (Map Reference E; Reference Number 08). This will facilitate the extension of the Mount Bernard Park to the canal as per the approved Phibsboro Local Area Plan. This zoning amendment is in the manager’s report and recommended by the City Manager to councillors and is based on submissions to the Draft Dublin City Development Plan 2011-2017