Council Attempt to Bully Residents

Unbelievably, Dublin City Council has attempted to bully a respected residents association by threatening them with legal action. BLEND, a residents association representing the Mountjoy area in Dublin 7, engaged in a an act of civil disobedience by placing twenty uncollected bags of dumped rubbish on the steps of the Civic Offices on Sunday April 28th , the day of the An Taisce Spring Clean,   to protest at the lack of action on illegal dumping by Dublin City Council. This public protest was pre-publicised and the media informed.

One of the participants recently received a summons to appear in court as an illegal dumper. This irony of the situation would be humorous if it didn’t involve such a waste of public money and personal upset to the person involved. BLEND organised a supportive barrister and solicitor to defend their member and began to seek support from other residents associations and local councillors.
Obviously fearing a backlash, Dublin City Council informed the Central Area Committee meeting on Tuesday 10 th September that they had dropped the prosecution and no more action would be taken. Below is a motion submitted by Cllr Padraig McLoughlin (Labour) which I supported.   Cllr Lucy McRoberts (Labour) and Cllr Anna Quigley (Ind) also supported the motion.

That this committee deplores the decision taken by Dublin City Council to bring legal action against members of the BLEND residents association following their protest and calls upon Dublin City Council to withdraw the current legal action in recognition of the fact that their intentions were to highlight a difficult situation rather than being done out of malice. We ask that instead steps towards mediation are taken so that neither the action nor the situation leading to it happen again.  We would also call upon Dublin City Council to confirm that they will continue working with BLEND and all other residents groups in the North Inner City to address the chronic litter and dumping problem that is frustrating everybody.