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Councillor Accuses Greyhound of “Profiteering”


Independent Dublin City Councillor Cieran Perry has accused Greyhound of profiteering by insisting that their customers now pay for the recycling service which was previously free.

Cllr Perry said “The day after a vicious budget, Greyhound customers in the bag collection areas received a letter informing them that in future they would have to pay for the previously free recycling service. Greyhound are exploiting their dominant market position and the lack of competition to profiteer from what should be an environmental service”.

Cllr Perry continued “Greyhound have obviously planned to implement this extra charge in the run up to Christmas in an attempt to force their customers to pay for the disposal of their recyclable Christmas waste”

Cllr Perry was one of the few councillors who predicted the loss of the waiver scheme and the charging for recycling. He fought against the Bin Tax as a precursor to the privatisation of the waste management service.

Cllr Perry commented “Fianna Fail, Fine Gael and Labour all conspired to privatise the waste management service and now the residents of Dublin City are paying an excessive price for this poor decision. I was totally opposed to the privatisation of this public service”

Cllr Perry continued “Dumped rubbish and litter already blight the city and we can be sure that this unacceptable extra charge will only add to this growing problem. While the well paid council officials were happy to get rid of this public service, the residents of the city will continue to suffer the consequences of such decisions.

Greyhound Letter attached here.

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