Illegal Dumping Crisis in the North Inner City


I believe the privatisation of Dublin City Council's Waste Management Service has been an unmitigated disaster and has resulted in a litter crisis citywide but particularly in the North and South Inner City. It is clear from investigating illegal dumping that it is a small minority of residents, landlords and businesses who dump regularly and drag down the appearance of the area. The majority of compliant residents should not have to suffer because of the minority.


I have met the City Manager a number of times to discuss this issue. As a first step towards regaining control of the illegal dumping problem DCC should re-enter the waste collection business. In the current situation DCC find themselves 'unofficially' providing a waste collection service in tackling the illegal dumping. The cost of this unofficial service is unknown as

DCC don't record all illegal dumping collections. Approximately €800,000 was allocated for this service in last year's council budget but this wouldn't include money spent by the various local areas or the parks department etc… In the North Inner City area alone there are reports of

over 100 illegally dumped bags being collected on particular days!


The damage done to the city's image and reputation by the proliferation of illegal dumping cannot be calculated. The main route from the airport to the city centre passes through an area considered a dumping blackspot. The fact that tourism plays such an important role in the Dublin economy should focus attention on ensuring that DCC take effective actions to tackle the blight of illegal dumping.


The provision of a proper waste management service is a vital public service and shouldn't be required to be profitable. 

There is currently a review of the last Litter Management Plan (2008 - 2011) with a view to producing a new relevant, up to date plan. My submission to the review can be seen here (Click here)