Taking on the Men in Black

Last week the Cabra Community Council presented their submission to the An Bord Pleanála (ABP) hearing into the City Council’s plan to build a motorway bridge into Cabra at Reillys Bridge. With 13,000 vehicles per day passing through at present, the City Council said they expect about 4,000 more trucks and cars to travel through Cabra once the bridge is opened. Over 17,000 cars, HGV’s and trucks travelling through our residential roads every day is unacceptable.

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Solidarity with Dublin Port striker facing charges following protest

The prosecution of Gerard McDonnell over a protest in 2009 is shameful. It is not only an attempt to criminalise a worker who was engaged in a legitimate protest; it is also a disgraceful waste of Gardaí and Court resources. The fact that Gardaí in Store Street are pursuing this, while failing to tackle drug dealing, anti social behaviour and gangland feuds on their own doorstep is inexcusable.

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Election Result

The results of our General Election campaign in Dublin Central were very disappointing. Receiving less than 1400 First Preference votes must be considered a poor result given that we received over 2,500 First Preference votes in the 2009 Local Elections.

Over 80 people were involved in our campaign and the campaign cost about €7,000 to conduct. We produced and delivered 50,000 leaflets, we canvassed 12,000 houses with a further leaflet, we had a full constituency mail shot and we erected over 500 posters. All of this intense work was sadly not reflected in the final result. However, once again our campaign base was excellent and I believe we ran a relatively good campaign.

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Independent Councillor to Contest Dublin Central

Independent councillor Cieran Perry announced he is to contest the Dublin Central constituency in the forthcoming General Election. A community activist who was elected to Dublin City Council in 2009 with over 2,500 first preference votes, Councillor Perry has a reputation for hard work and genuine representation.

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Dart Underground Update

I spoke at the An Bord Pleanala DART Underground Oral Hearing in Croke Park on Friday 21st January. In my presentation I highlighted the lack of genuine consultations with residents and called for a Liaison Committee, with representatives from the affected communities, Iarnrod Eireann, the contractors (and enforcement agencies if required) to be established to address any future construction issues that will affect residents. Iarnrod Eireann agreed to establish such a committee.

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New City Development Plan -
the highs & lows......

Following a long process lasting almost 2 years, Dublin City Council has produced a new Development Plan for the City. While the new plan is still driven by the City Managers attempt to appease vested interests over the wishes of Dublin citizens, none the less, we have gained some valuable victories.
I was pleased to have been part of a group of over 24 Residents & Community groups from the Central Dublin area which came together to develop a policy which would protect our communities in relation to height, density, building quality and protection of our green spaces.

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Civic Office


Important Motion on Off-license Developments Passed

A motion that will "prohibit the further expansion of off-licences or part off-licences..." has been passed as part of the new Dublin City Development Plan.

Cllr. Perry said:
“A prohibition of even more off-licenses in Dublin would appear to be an extremely sensible measure given the well document problems with alcohol in our communities.”

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  Dart Underground Oral hearing has started

The Dart Underground project will have an enormous impact on residents in East Wall, North Wall and North Strand. I have fully supported the concerns expressed by locals since this project was announced, and have attended a number of meetings on the issue. Along with many residents, I submitted my own observation to An Bord Pleanala, outlining the issues of concern and requesting an Oral hearing is held.

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Latest News:Community action has secured funding for swimming pools.

The Save Our Swimming Pool campaign has been hugely successful. Last December City Council officials intended to close three pools in disadvantaged working class areas, - Sean MacDermott Street, Coolock and Crumlin.  The strong reaction from the community, and the very well run protests and lobbying prevented this.  Not only has Dublin City Council been forced to continue operating the three pools but the Department of Sports and Tourism has now committed €600,000 for renovations.

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Swimming Pool