Stop Political Policing – Support the Jobstown 23

The attempt to intimidate and bully the ordinary people of Jobstown for daring to protest against Joan Burton is blatant political policing. Burton and her Government have devastated working class areas like Jobstown all over the country and yet expect to be able to come into our areas to patronise us without any protests. The protest in Jobstown was a legitimate, peaceful protest against the political choice by this Labour/Fine Gael Government to impose an austerity agenda on the Irish people. Hundreds of similar protests have taken place in the past but the difference now is that the Government is terrified of the scale of the protests against the Water Tax. Out of touch with ordinary people, Burton, Kenny, Kelly and their cronies actually believe charging ordinary men, woman and children will frighten the rest of us into submission. They couldn’t be more wrong! I believe this whole political circus will strengthen the anti-water tax movement and damage the Labour Party.

The whole episode also exposes the politically corrupted Garda Síochána and DDP’s office. While communities all over the country suffer criminality and anti-social behaviour due to a lack of proper policing the Garda can afford to send hundreds of Garda to police peaceful anti-water meter protests. In case we were in any doubt of which side the Garda are on, the decision of the Chief Superintendent to deny the Anti Austerity Alliance a permit to carry out a door to door collection locally because in her opinion “the proceeds of the collection …. would be used in such a manner as to encourage ….. the commission of an unlawful act”. This is a clear statement from a senior member of the Garda that they consider peaceful protest as unlawful. The ridiculous charges must be dropped immediately