Excellent News! New Dublin Bridge Named After Trade Union Activist

Dublin City Councillors voted to name the new bridge between Burgh Quay and Marlborough Street as the Rosie Hackett Bridge. Rosie was factory worker and trade unionist who dedicated her life to defending workers’ rights. As well as her involvement in the Lockout, at 18 years of age Rosie had led a successful strike in the Jacobs factory and had co-founded the Irish Women Workers Union in 1911. During the 1916 Rising she fought with the Irish Citizen Army and occupied the Royal College of Surgeons with Countess Markievicz.

It is a sad fact that Rosie and people like her have been written out of the official history of our country. Hopefully the naming of the new bridge in her honour will encourage people to rediscover our true history.

The quality of the competition for the naming of the bridge has been fantastic but unfortunately there can only be one name selected. In the Centenary year of the historic Dublin Lockout of 1913 I believe that it is vital that a trade unionist participant in the events of that year is honoured in this way. Rosie was an inspirational woman and would be a particularly good role model in the current period where working people’s terms and conditions, won over the past century, are under attack.

The involvement of women in the Lockout and in the 1916 rising has not been adequately acknowledged in this country and the naming of the new bridge give us an opportunity to redress the balance in a small way.

Further information on Rosie can be found on the Facebook campaign page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rosie-Hackett-Bridge-Campaign/109664749219687