In the past two years the scale of nationwide public opposition to Water Charges has been one of the most important social and political movements in the history of this state. The government, other establishment parties, and the media were completely taken by surprise when the ordinary people refused to swallow the bullshit, educated and organised themselves on the streets and came out in their hundreds of thousands to defeat water charges. The first effects of this political revolution will be revealed next week, but the ongoing political lessons learned will impact positively on our communities for decades.

Irish Water PLC and domestic water charges must be abolished as a first act of a progressive government. A publicly accountable national water and sanitation body to be set up, with employees on reasonable wages and no bonuses.

Installation of water meters must end. The money saved to be invested in network repairs, along with water costs being provided from general taxation. [A detailed costing and funding sources for this is available from Right2Water].

Pro water conservation and anti-pollution measures must be introduced, not 100euro bribes disguised as ‘conservation grants’.

A referendum must be held soon to enshrine the public ownership of water infrastructure in the Constitution. This to ensure that water can never be privatised.